The startup rate is limited to technology startups only.
Only tech’ startups fulfilling these 4 criteria will be granted the startup registration link:
1. The company must have its corporate purpose (as officially registered) related to technology: tech-based product or service provider and/or developing such a solution (implementing tech solutions in other companies does not qualify)
Which means that Companies whose main activity is real estate or the following companies : banks, advisory, architects, developers, brokerage, asset management, investment, consulting, retailer (etc.) do not qualify.

2. The company must be under 6 years’ old (registered company or which activity began prior to 1st of January 2017 does not qualify);

3. The company must have less than 100 employees (direct full-time and internal employees, freelance & internship do not count);

4. The company must be independent or cannot be a subsidiary of companies exceeding the above criteria.
The Organiser may at any time request supporting documents. If the Company does not meet the above conditions or refuses to provide requested documentation, it will be required  the regular MAPIC pass rate (+ VAT) for each person/entity wrongly registered and may be liable to the sanctions invoked in the general regulations.
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Including: 2 MAPIC Basic Pass, a Pod, exhibitor’s listing, networking platform access The best way to showcase your solutions to the whole industry!
Click on the button « submit ». Then you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours to proceed to your registration on the platform. Don’t forget to check your email box.